sharjah fine check all ways

The Sharjah Government’s Roads and Communications Authority (RTA) offers sharjah fine check service in several ways, which will be identified in this article.

sharjah fine check


You can check your fine in Sharjah for Traffic by Code Number online, follow these steps:

  • Go to sharjah fine check by Traffic Code “click here“.
  • Select Inquiry By Traffic Code Number.
  • Enter your traffic file number.
  • Choose place Issue.
  • Click send icon.

sharjah fine check by License Information


The Sharjah Government’s Roads and Transport Authority, check traffic violations services by a driver’s license, follow next steps:

  • To access the Inquiry By License Information”click here“.
  • Select Inquiry By License Information.
  • Enter License No.
  • Choose Place Of Issue.
  • Click on send button.

sharjah fine check by Plate Data

To Traffic fine check by Plate Data in Sharjah city, follow these steps:

  • To access Fine Enquiry link “click here“.
  • Select Inquiry By Plate Data.
  • Enter Plate No.
  • Choose Place Of Issue  Plate City.
  • Enter Plate Code.
  • Click on send button.

sharjah fine check by fine

To check your traffic violations in Sharjah via the violation number by the RTA website follow the following steps:

  • To access the check fine link”click here“.
  • Select Inquiry By Fine Number.
  • Enter fine number.
  • Click on send icon.

From Knowright website to publish electronic services and medical information we have explained How sharjah fine check The Sharjah Government website has the Authority of Roads and Communications in all roads.

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