How to rta vehicle renewal

RTA offers an online vehicle renewal service that allows United Arab Emirates citizens and residents to renew their vehicle registration online, and this is what will be explained in this article.

rta vehicle renewal


If you searching rta vehicle renewal service, the rta Vehicle Renewal Service online includes next steps:

  • For access RTA vehicle renewal online “click here“.
  • Click the login button.
  • Select individuals/companies.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click the login button.
  • Choose “License”.
  • Select “My license” choose the vehicle you want to perform the service on it.
  • The system displays your license details.
  • Click on “Renew License” Once you have confirmed the included information.
  • selecting “I agree to the terms and conditions” Rules for using this online service.
  • Click the Apply button for this service.
  • The system shows the user the details of the view exam.
  • Click the “Confirm and Proceed with Delivery Options” button.
  • Select one of the delivery channels available for this service.
  • Complete the delivery details according to the delivery method chosen.
  • Make sure the information is accurate and click Confirm and Continue Payment.
  • The fee information is read and the payment button is pressed to move the customer to the electronic payment gateway and complete the payment process.
  • A confirmation screen with a number will display Transaction, selected delivery details and receipt details And print it if needed.

rta vehicle renewal by call center


It’s easy to rta vehicle renewal through call centre, and which includes the next steps:

  • The customer contacts the center at the 8009090 number.
  • He pays the fee by credit card.
  • Receives a temporary copy of the property via email.
  • The customer receives ownership and adhesive through the following methods: customer happiness centers – Deira or Al Barsha.
  • Through self-service devices by entering transaction and receipt data from the self-service device printer.

From the Knowright website for publish electronic services and medical information we have explained How applying to rta vehicle renewal service online by rta website, and via call centre.

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