Mabrouk Ma Yak Service

What is Mabrouk Ma Yak Service ?

One of the most important and amazing services which offered by Federal Authority for Identity, citizenship, customs, and Port Security is Mabrouk Ma Yak service.
It’s an electronic service offered for UAE national.
It aims to facilitate and simplify procedures for UAE Nations in order to get the main documents for a newborn, throughout which they obtains a passport , identity card. In addition to a birth certificate and health insurance The Authority’s participation in “Mabrouk Ma Yak” project, which represents a distinct model for cooperation between local and federal state institutions, comes within the framework of the authority’s endeavor to contribute and support the government accelerator teams, and enable them to reach the goal of accelerating the achievement of the national agenda for the UAE Vision 2021.
The authority actively participates in this project. It aims to insure the family happiness with the arrival of the new baby, in cooperation with the team members from the relevant federal and local authorities, via completing all the identification documents for the newborn UAE citizen in an through a unified channel, with the goal of reducing the time of the customer’s journey between the parties and present it as a package that includes a birth certificate, ID card,a passport and health card.

Mabrouk Ma Yak Service Requirements


As the other services, Mabrouk Ma Yak service has some requirements you have to apply them to get this service. They are represented by the following:

  • Father should be a citizen.
  • Mother should be added to the family book.
  • It necessary to submit the marriage contract for the first born only.
  • The application must do by the father.
  • It must there an authenticated UAE Pass account.

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