How To Get the Civil ID Delivery Home Service In Kuwait

The Public Authority for Civil Information provides a service of kuwait civil id home delivery online. This service helps citizens and residents of Kuwait to facilitate their lives, in which the Public Authority for Civil Information has contracted with a private institution in order to deliver civil identity card requests in Kuwait to homes.

Kuwait civil id home delivery


Citizens and residents of Kuwait can request the kuwait civil id home delivery service, by following these steps:

  • Log in to the Public Authority for Civil Information website “from here“.
  • Enter the civil number.
  • Click on the search icon.
  • Click on the check mark to confirm the terms and agree the delivery service.
  • Click on the Start Service icon.
  • Determine if your previous civil ID is with you, or not.
  • Write your civil number.
  • Write the serial number correctly.
  • Click on the add icon.
  • The payment amount will be  2 Kuwaiti dinars.
  • Click on the Next icon.
  • A page will appear for you to confirm the contact details and address. The confirmation stages contain the following:
  • Write the name.
  • Choose the delivery period, either evening or morning.
  • Add your phone number, so that the delivery team can contact you.
  • Enter your email.
  • Choose the language, either Arabic or English language.
  • Add your current county.
  • Select the region.
  • Write the part number.
  • Add street number.
  • Enter the building number.
  • Write the unit number.
  • Add the apartment number.
  • Click on the Next icon, and a new page will appear with the attached information, and pay the delivery fee to confirm the service.
  • Click on the next icon.
  • The call center will contact with you to confirm the delivery location and delivery time.

Instructions for civil id home delivery

  • Hand over the old civil ID to the delivery representative.
  • Your personal data will be verified by the scanner.
  • After you complete these procedures, you will deliver the new civil ID.
  • Make sure that the new civil ID is inside a sealed envelope, and your personal details appear on it.
  • Make sure the PACI logo is on the envelope.

Important note: You can now inquire about civil id home delivery in Kuwait by contacting the delivery team, with the number in which they will reach you while confirming your address and personal location.

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