How to issue  a multiple entry toursit visa to UAE online ?

Is it possible to get ” multiple – entry  tourist visa fast and easy ?!
Fortunately Yes, you can get multiple – entry tourist visa fast and easy via “smart services” system.

Requirements for applying multiple – entry  tourist visa


There are some required documents you should apply them to get smart services, they are represented by the following :
Latest sponsored individual photo with white background,amount of 4000$ or its equivalent proof from the bank within 6 months, standing health insurance paper recognized in the country, tow way ticket , standing passport for at least 6 monthes & residence proof.

Steps of getting ” multiple – entry  tourist visa


Here are simple steps you follow to get the service :

  • Access to Federal Authority for Identity, citizenship, customs and Port Security website, from here or to smart app.
  • Login by digital ID or user name. Select the desired service which is” multiple – entry  tourist visa”. Fill in the application information required and pay the fees shown after the mentioned steps you will receive sms to your mobile or an email stating process progress. A receipt of issuing  ” multiple – entry  tourist visa” will be sent to your email as well as the visa when its done.

How long it takes to get  ” multiple – entry  tourist visa ” via smar services system ?


Its faster than you imagine , it takes only 48 hours since the acceptance of your requirements.

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How To Apply Smart Services Electronically ?
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