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How To Get File Traffic Report Service Online ?

How To Get File Traffic Report Service Online ?

File traffic report is an electronic service which is provided by Minstery of interior in UAE. It is one of the important service which is offered for citizens and residents in UAE.

File traffic report

If you want to get this service, there are some procedures you should follow them, they are represented by the following steps:

  • Go to the Moi website, from here.
  • Select electronic services.
  • Select policing services.
  • Choose File traffic report service.
  • Click on the start service icon.
  • Read terms and conditions and then accept them.
  • Fill in incident details. It includes: name, mobile, email, and incident details.
  • Locate exactly where the incident has occurred.
  • Click on the next icon.
  • If there’s any attachments such as audio, video, and photo, please upload them.
  • Click on the submit icon.
  • Then, you will receive a confirmation message.
  • Click on the yes button.
  • Evaluate your service experience throughout the screens of happiness meter.
  • After that, a notification will be shown that your request has been sent successfully.
  • Your request number will be
  • shown for later follow up.

Incidents inquiry service

Throughout this service, the user can inquire about his submitted incidents.
The user can apply this service by applying some steps, which are:

  • Select policing services.
  • Select smart incidents.
  • Choose incident inquiry.
  • Choose incident type from the list of filter by type.
  • Click on details icon to view incident details.
  • Then, you will be shown your application number.
  • After you view the application number you can add any clarifications if exist.

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