How can you get the service of Application for Exemption from delay fees online?

As we know that Federal Authority for Identity, citizenship, customs, and Port Security has provided this service electronically has provided electronic services. One of the important electronic services that offered is Application for Exemption from delay fees, it is offered for UAE citizens and residents and GCC national.
This application exempted from administrative delay fees related to ID cards according to approved exemption cases.

Application for Exemption from delay fees steps


There are some steps in which they are necessary to follow them to get this service. They are represented by the following:

  • Go to the website of this service, “from here“.
  • Submit the service application.
  • Then, the application will be filled through the favorite channel (customer happiness centers, ICA smart apps or printing offices).
  • You have to apply for exemption from delay fees.
  • Then, follow service provision stages.
  • After that, you will receive application-related SMS, interact with them.
  • You will receive an SMS containing the code of exemption application and application status.
  • After that the customer will receive a second SMS indicating that the application is rejected (in which case the customer must complete the ID application procedures and pay ID card issuance fees and delay fines) or acceptance of the application in principle and telling the customer to consult customer happiness center to consult the original of the supporting documents submitted by him.
  • Finally, the customer will receive a final SMS with the final result of the application (approval or disapproval).
  • Last thing complete ID card issuance fees payment.

Payment fee of Application for Exemption from delay fees


Fortunately, there is no payment of this service because this service is provided free of charge for all customers.

If you want to inquire or complain, you can contact us via this website , or through calling center 6005222222 .

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