gdrfa visa status

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai provides the visa status check service in the gdrfa portal, which allows citizens and residents to check the status of visas issued by the Emirate of Dubai, and in this article we’ll offer you ways for the gdrfa visa status check.

gdrfa visa status


You can check your visa status in gdrfa portal online, by this steps:

  • To access gdrfa visa status check service “click here“.
  • Select visa status to check your visa and application status.
  • Select Search by Application.
  • Enter Application Number.
  • Insert transaction number.
  • Choose Payment Date.
  • Select I’m not a robot.
  • Click on Search button.

gdrfa visa status by file number


The gdrfa portal offers visa status check by file number, which doing these steps:

  • To access the gdrfa visa status check by file number “click here“.
  • Select Search by file.
  • Enter your name in English language.
  • Insert your file number.
  • Select your Nationality.
  • Choose your Birth Date.
  • Select I’m not a robot.
  • Click on Search button.

GDRFA visa status app


You can check your visa status for GDRFA on Dubai now app, by this following steps:

  • To download Dubai now app from Google Play Store “click here“.
  • You can Download Dubai now app from Apple App Store “click here“.
  • Open Dubai now app.
  • Click on Guest button to access services.
  • Click on Residency services.
  • Pressing on check visa status.
  • Select Search method.
  • Enter search requirements by the method.
  • Click on Search button.

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