How to passport renewal appointment dubai

There are plenty of consulates and foreign embassies offering an online passport renewal booking service in Dubai, which allows residents to make a pre-appointment to renew their passport.

passport renewal appointment dubai


If you want to appointment renewal passport for Philippine Consulate, please follow the next instructions:

  • To access the Online appointment for Philippine passport renewal in Dubai “click here”.
  • Click on PCG Dubai passport Renewal appointment button.
  • Click on OK icon.
  • Pressing on Schedule an Appointment button.
  • Select I understand that I am signifying my unequivocal consent to the disclosure.
  • Specify the site where you want to set an appointment:
  • Select Region MIDDLE EAST/AFRICA.
  • Choose Country/Special Administrative Region UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.
  • Select Site PCG DUBAI.
  • Select I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the above conditions.
  • Click on next button.
  • Choose date and time.
  • Click on next button.
  • Select I agree / Malinaw sa akin.
  • Enter your Phone Number.
  • Insert your Mobile Number.
  • Input your Email Address.
  • Confirm Email Address.
  • Entering Last Name.
  • Input Given Name.
  • Inset Middle Name.
  • Choose Date of Birth.
  • Select Gender.
  • Choose Country of Birth.
  • Select PROVINCE.
  • Input City/Municipality.
  • Click on next button to complete steps

passport renewal appointment in dubai


You can appointment on bls portal for passport renewal in Dubai, through next steps:

  • To access appointment for Indian passport renewal in Dubai “click here“.
  • Center Location Premium Lounge, Bur Dubai Bank Street.
  • Service Type Passport.
  • Application Type Reissue/Renewal of Passport.
  • Choose Appointment Date.
  • Select Appointment Slot.
  • Given Name Enter name exactly as seen in passport.
  • Enter Surname.
  • Input Contact Number – UAE.
  • Write Contact Number – India.
  • Enter Passport Number.
  • Insert Applicant Email.
  • Service Description renewal passport
  • Choose No of Applications.
  • Pressing on Submit button.

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