How to passport renewal abu dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Passport Renewal Service is important, so the Government of Abu Dhabi has provided passport renewal service on more than one platform and this will be identified in this article.

passport renewal abu dhabi


The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship offers passport renewal abu dhabi, which includes next steps:

  • To access the passport renewal abu dhabi service online “click here“.
  • Choose English language.
  • Choose a passport issuance service.
  • Choose a family member to renew his passport.
  • Choose to renew a passport from the list of why the passport is issued.
  • Check and update recovered data if necessary.
  • Pay the due fees.
  • Receipt of the passport from the approved delivery company.
  • Make sure your data is accurate and correct.
  • Ensure that the ID number is correct and expires.
  • Check the data entered in the electronic form before paying the fee.

Request for renewal of passports abu dhabi


The Ministry of Justice has also provided a passport renewal service for citizens in Abu Dhabi through the services of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is the following steps:

  • To access the passport renewal application service for the relevant authorities in Abu Dhabi, “click here“.
  • Click on continue button.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on Login button.
  • Create a passport/residence renewal application.
  • Offer to the competent prosecutor.
  • Address the competent authority with the original of the document attached.
  • Take the necessary measures for renewal and address the competent authority.
  • Return the document’s origin to the save pen.

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