How Do You Check Nol Card Balance Online

Roads Transport Authority and Government Of Dubai provides the service of check Nol card balance electronically for citizens, residents and all NOI subscribers. If you want to inquire about this service follow these steps:

Nol card balance check online


It is easy now for all users of the NOI card in the United Arab Emirates to inquire about their card balance online through the official website of Roads Transport Authority and Government Of Dubai by following these steps in correctly:

  • Go the official website Roads Transport Authority and Government Of Dubai directly”from here“.
  • Click on the Check Nol Balance icon.
  • You will move to another page.
  • Add Nol tag ID correctly.
  • Click on the Search icon.
  • Wait for seconds.
  • The result of the query and the remaining Nol card balance will be shown immediately.

Nol card balance check app


You can also check your balance on your Nol Card by downloading the NOI PAY app, and following these steps:

  • To download application “NOI Pay” application for Android devices “click here“.
  • To download the “NOI Pay” application for iPhone devices, “click here“.
  • Open the nol pay app.
  • Select your language, either Arabic or English language.
  • Click on the Skip icon on the right side of the application.
  • You will move to another page in order to manage your physical nol card.
  • Click on the Check Card lnfo box.
  • A notification will appear that Please enable NFC in system Settings.
  • Go to your phone’s Settings, and click on the Agree icon.
  • Go back to the nol Pay application.
  • Take a photo of the NOI card, the data of the nol card and remaining balance on the card will show immediately.

Finally, we have come to the end of this article which is about check nol card balance online, we hope that you benefited from this content. We published this article throughout knowright website for publishing electronic services and medical contents.


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