Moh kuwait Online Appointment For Vaccine

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has provided an online appointment for a vaccine at government health centers in Kuwait. This service saves citizens and residents in Kuwait time and effort. To get more information about this service follow reading this article.

Moh kuwait online appointment for vaccine


You can now book a vaccination appointment online, through the official website of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health, so in this article we will provide you with a link to the Ministry of Health website, and the steps for booking. The reservation are:

  • Log in to the official website of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health “from here“.
  • Enter Civil lD correctly.
  • Add Serial Number.
  • Write the Center.
  • Enter clinic type.
  • Add Name.
  • Write mobile number.
  • Write your Email correctly.
  • Select Appointment Date.
  • Choose Time.
  • Click on the Submit icon.

An appointment from the Ministry of Health, Kuwait, for a vaccine via the ministry’s website


The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health also has provided the service of booking your vaccination appointment through the moh website, and the ways of booking a vaccine appointment electronically through the Ministry of Health website by following these steps:

  • Log in to the the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health website “from here“.
  • Click on the RESIDENTS icon.
  • Click on the Appointments icon from the menu.
  • A new page will appear to register your details.
  • Add your Civil ID.
  • Add Serial Number.
  • Write a period.
  • Write the Center.
  • Add Clinic Type.
  • Write the Name.
  • Enter Mobile Number.
  • Add Email.
  • Click on the Next icon.

In conclusion, we hope that we have provided you with the important information about the service of moh kuwait online appointment for vaccine through Kuowright website that publishes electronic services and medical articles.


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