How To Get Kuwait University Portal service

Kuwait University provided the service of Kuwait university portal, to provide electronic services. If you want to get the details of this service and the electronic services that provides for people, follow this article.

Kuwait university portal


The Kuwait University electronic portal provides many electronic services, information about students and employees at the university, and other services, which are :

  • Link kuwait university portal “click here“.
  • Link kuwait university portal for Students “click here“.
  • Link kuwait university portal for Faculty “click here”.
  • Link kuwait university portal for employee “click here“.
  • Link kuwait university portal for Non-KU Users “click here“.

Kuwait University Portal Services


To get a knowledge about the electronic services which provided by the Kuwait University portal, follow reading the following lines

  • Student Electronic Services:
  • Students’ Registration System.
  • Reset Password.
  • Applying for Non-degreeed students.
  • Update Personal lnfofmation.
  • Faculty Electronic Services:
  • KU Portal System.
  • Reset Password.
  • KU Self Service.
  • Update personal information.
  • Employee Electronic Services:
  • KU Self Service.
  • Update personal information.
  • Reset Password.
  • Non-KU Users Electronic Services:
  • Reset Password.
  • User Creation Request Forms.

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