du sim renewal UAE

Du offers a sim renewal service by updating di data, and the sim renewal process is carried out electronically through du’s official website, or through the du app.

du sim renewal


If you want to renewal your sim in du company, like the following steps:

  • To access Du sim renewal online “click here“.
  • Enter reference number.
  • Click on check status.
  • Insert the pin sent to your number.
  • Upload new emirates id.
  • Click select file to upload Front Side of your Emirates ID.
  • Click another select file to upload Back Side of your Emirates ID.
  • Enter Emirates id number.
  • Choose Emirates ID expiry.
  • Click continue button.
  • Pressing on confirm button.

du sim renewal by app


You can renew your sim card for du company by du application, and which includes the next steps:

  • To download du app from Google Play Store “click here“.
  • To download du app from Apple App Store “click here“.
  • Open du application.
  • Click login button.
  • Enter your username.
  • Input password.
  • Pressing on Login button.
  • Go to your profile account mine.
  • Select id registration.
  • Pressing on update.
  • Enter your number.
  • Click on send pin.
  • Insert the verification code.
  • Upload Front image id for Emirates ID.
  • Upload Back image for emirates id.
  • Choose I agree to confirm.
  • Click continue button.

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