How to Civil id delivery status, in kuwait

civil id delivery status

The Public Authority for Civil Information has provided the Civil Id delivery status service This service is also called civil Id delivery tracking service for Kuwaiti citizens and residents in Kuwait .

The Public Authority has contracted with a specialized company to deliver the identity without the need to go to the authority’s centers in order to save the effort and time. You can get this service by following steps below .

civil id delivery status


To request a civil ID delivery service without the need to go  to the Public Authority for Civil Information centers, follow these  steps correctly :

  • Log in to the official website of the Public Authority for Civil Information “from here ” .
  • Add the civil number
  • Click on the “Search” field
  • Click on the check button at the end of the page to confirm the terms of service . 
  • Click on the Start Service icon .
  • If your  previous civil ID is with you, click on the first  button in the appropriate place, and if the ID is not with you, press the second button . 
  • Enter the civil number correctly . 
  • Add the serial number . 
  • Click on the (Add) icon . 
  • At the end of the page, the payment amount will display (2 Kuwaiti Dinars) .
  • Click on the “Next” button .

Another page will appear for you to confirm the contact details and address . The e confirmation steps include the following steps  :

  • Add the name correctly
  • Choose the delivery period, either the morning period, or the evening period .
  • Enter the phone number correctly in order to the delivery team can contact  with you .
  • Add your email .
  • Choose your preferred language for communication, either English or Arabic language . 
  • Enter the current county . 
  • Select the region .
  • Enter the part number . 
  • the street number . Log in
  • Add building number . 
  • Enter the unit number . 
  • Write down the apartment number .
  • Click on the (Next)  button .
  • After that, a new page will appear to you with the information  that attached previously, and the delivery charges for confirmation .
  • Click on the “Next” button .
  • The communication center will contact with you to confirm your location and delivery time .
  • When the delivery representative arrives, hand him your previous civil ID in order he can verify your personal data through a scanner, and then he will hand you your new civil ID . 

The new civil ID is delivered inside a closed file, on which your personal data  appears, and the logo of the Public Authority for Civil Information is printed on it . 

Important Note :

You can use the civil Id delivery tracking service by contacting the delivery team, who will contact  with you in order to confirm your address and personal location .

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