How To Check Fines On Emirates ID Online

How To check fine on Emirates ID?
This is a common question for people In UAE. The check fines on Emirates ID electronically is one of the services of UAE throughout the unified customer voice portal. It makes citizens enable to inquire about their  Emirates ID fines easily.

Check fine on Emirates ID


The procedures to get the check fine on Emirates ID service represented by applying the following steps:

  • Go to the unified customer voice portal “from here“.
  • Click on the Create Request icon.
  • Enter your Creator Name
  • Enter your Email.
  • Enter your Mobile Number.
  • Choose Applicant Type.
  • Select Country.
  • Choose Preferred language.
  • Select Application Name.
  • Choose Application Name.
  • Select Sub Application.
  • Choose Service Type.
  • Select Sub Service Type.
  • Select Type.
  • Enter Old Ref Number.
  • Enter Additional Reference Number.
  • Enter Request Number.
  • Enter Unified Number.
  • Enter Passport Number.
  • Insert text from Details.
  • Add Attachments
  • Click on Create New icon.

Fine on Emirates ID Reasons


There are more than one reasons for national identity violations in the UAE, some of these reasons are:

  • Don’t renew the national identity card.
  • Late payment of previous fines.

Check fine on Emirates ID Portal


The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security exposed that check fine on Emirates ID is presented through unified customer voice portal. The unified customer voice portal offers these electronic services:

  • Create new request service.
  • Follow up a previous request service.
  • Login service.

Finally, wishing that you benefited from this content which is about the way to check fine with Emirates ID through the unified customer voice portal. We presented this article through knowright website for publishing medical contents and electronic services.

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