How To Check Balance Zain In Kuwait

Zain company has provided a check balance service, where it has become easy for its customers to know the balance through the electronic application and through short codes . That is is what will talk about it in this article ..

check balance zain


You can inquire about the balance in Kuwait, check balance zain, through the short codes, follow the following steps : 

  • Open your keyboard’s phone
  • Enter the code *42#
  • Click on the call icon

Please wait for the request to be processed

a notification of the remaining balance will be displayed . After that,


Check Zain balance through the app


Zain application provides a service to inquire about the remaining balance, by following these steps :

  • Download Kuwait Telecommunications Zain application “click here” . 
  • Wait until the download and installation have completed .
  • Open Zain application
  • Log in by entering :
    • user name
    • password
  • Click on the SIGN IN icon.

You will see the main page of the application and your remaining balance with the expiration date of it .

In conclusion, we hope that we have provided you with the most benefit information about the instructions and steps of checking your balance of zain company. We presented this article to you through Knowright  website which publishes medical contents and electronic services . 

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