Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan

Dubai Islamic Bank provides a service of personal loan for both citizens and residents of UAE.
For citizens of UAE. It is up to four million dirhams and two million dirhams for expatriate for citizens and two million dirhams for expatriates in UAE, this service is done provided that the minimum salary is 3000 dirhams.

Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan


If you want to know the way to get a personal loan from Dubai Islamic Bank, follow these steps correctly:

  • Go to the Get Personal Finance page “from here“.
  • Click on the icon of Apply Now for Personal Finance.
  • Submit a personal finance application by adding the following:
  • Write the first name.
  • Add family name.
  • Fill the company name.
  • Write the email.
  • Write the phone number.
  • Choose an employee or self-employed, depending on your business.
  • Enter the date of birth.
  • Select the amount of your monthly income in Dirhams.
  • Click on the box of I am not a bot.
  • Click on the Submit icon.

personal loan Dubai Islamic bank calculator


In addition, Dubai Islamic Bank offers a service that will help you to calculate the financing. Represented by the following steps:

  • Enter to the Dubai Islamic Bank personal loan application page “from here“.
  • Click on the icon of Apply Now for Personal Finance.
  • Click on the View Details icon.
  • Go down to the financing account address.
  • Write the amount of the loan you want to get.
  • Add the loan repayment period in months.
  • Then, The amount must be payed for each month will be shown.

Dubai Islamic Bank Personal Loan contact number


For inquiries and assistance, you can contact with Dubai Islamic Bank customer service at the following number:

  • Dubai Islamic Bank loan customer Care number: +971 4 609 2222.

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