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How to check travel ban kuwait

How to check travel ban kuwait

The Interior Ministry provides many electronic services for individuals, businesses and government sector services. One of these services is the check travel ban kuwait service, and this service saves the effort and time for citizens in Kuwait, whereas the Interior Ministry provided several ways to check travel ban kuwait.

check travel ban kuwait


If you want to travel outside Kuwait, and if you want to check whether your passport is or not ? You can find out this thing easily, whearse the electronic services website offers you this service online electronically, by following these steps :

Open the official website of Kuwait Gate (electronic services platform) click here
Click on the Travel Ban Inquiry link
Click on the individuals icon
Select your preferred language, either Arabic, or English, from the left side of the page
Log in by entering your :
user name
Click on the Electronic lnquiries icon
Click on the Travel Ban icon
After that, a new page will appear to you, whether your travel is prohibited, or not

After performing these steps correctly, you can easily determine and know your travel ban

Travel Ban Order Payment

If you followed the previous steps, and found a travel ban, you can pay the travel ban fees online, by following the these steps :

  • Enter the electronic services platform website (Kuwait Gate) Click here
  • Enter Civil ID
  • Add E-mail
  • Write the phone number
  • Click on the Search icon

After that, you will see the payment page, follow the instructions shown until you will complete the payment .

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